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If you have a great idea and cherish the dream of starting your own business, then get off to a good start with professional advice and support from Thy Business Forum.

Our work is aimed at helping businesses succeed, thereby strengthening the business community in Thy. Therefore, one of our most important tasks is to make it easy for you to start a business in Thy and help you succeed.


Free professional guidance

We’re here to talk to you about your entrepreneurial dreams – whether you have already created a CVR number and are involved in the process or whether you just have an idea which you would like some feedback on.
At Thy Business Forum, we have many years of experience in helping entrepreneurs in Thy, and we will do our utmost to further assist you with your challenges and considerations so that you can get off to a good start.

Come and talk to us if you:

• Dream of starting a business
• Have an idea that you would like feedback on
• Have started a business but need help to move forward
• Dream about life as a self-employed business owner but don’t know whether you dare to take the next step
• Have other questions about starting a business and being self-employed.


“Professional advice from someone like Per from Thy Business Forum, who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get started, means everything. There are no limits to what Per was able to help me with.”

- Michael Stolberg-Rohr, MSR Plant Technology.


Book free entrepreneurship guidance

You can book free entrepreneurship guidance on tel. 97 96 30 90.

Not sure whether to book a meeting? Do it! We are here to talk to you about every aspect of starting a business, no matter where you are in the process.

At the meeting, you will, together with a business consultant, review your idea or business plan, depending on how far along you are with the start-up of your business. Together you will review what is happening right now, what you need to be aware of, set a direction and find solutions to your challenges or ideas. You will also have time to ask all the questions that you probably have about all the practicalities of starting a business.


Next step – Become a part of StartUp Club Thisted

StartUp Club is for those who want to start their own business as well as those who are already well underway but would like to have some outside perspective on the development of their business.

When you are part of StartUp Club, in addition to feedback from Thy Business Forum, you get access to a number of benefits which can be helpful when starting up your business.

StartUp Club offers you:
• 6 hours of free advisory services from a lawyer, accountant, marketing agency, etc.
• Unlimited feedback and guidance from Thy Business Forum’s business consultants
• Discounts on office space in the Thy and Co. office community
• Offers to participate in entrepreneurial events
• Networking opportunities

It costs DKK 500 (incl. VAT) to become part of StartUp Club.

6 hours of free advisory services
As soon as you have registered with StartUp Club, you will have access to a total of 6 hours of free advisory services (two hours with three different advisors).

Based on your needs, you select the advisors who can strengthen your business. You can get advice from lawyers, accountants, marketing agencies, web specialists and more. See the list of possible advisors here.

StartUp Club Thisted is part of StartUp Club Nordjylland, which is a community for all North Jutland entrepreneurs.

Follow-up meeting

Once you are further along in the start-up process and have possibly made use of the six hours of free advice through StartUp Club, you will have the opportunity to meet with your business consultant at Thy Business Forum for a follow-up meeting.

You decide when it makes the most sense for you to meet – whether this is after a week or three months. At the meeting, you will follow up on the things you talked about at the first meeting and determine your next steps.

Call and arrange a follow-up meeting on tel. 97 96 30 90. It is not necessary to be a member of StartUp Club to book a follow-up meeting.

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