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At Thy Business Forum, we are here to help you and your business. We are your sounding board for everything from start-up, growth and development to generational change or liquidation.

At Thy Business Forum, we have many years of experience in providing advice and helping to create value for businesses in Thy. Which is why we also know that no two businesses are alike. We do not advise according to a fixed timeframe, but rather assist with what you and your business need. We know what is going on locally, regionally and nationally, and we can therefore guide you to progress in the right direction and help you see what opportunities you and your business have.

We are your local sounding board which follows your business all the way. 

Does it cost anything?

You can always book a FREE guidance meeting with a business consultant at Thy Business Forum.

If you are a member of Thy Business Forum, you get even more benefits, such as participation in events, networking, business breakfasts, marketing, and more. 

Book a meeting

Book a meeting by calling or writing to one of Thy Business Forum’s business consultants below. They are here to help you.
Business consultants are experienced businesspeople who have practical experience in, and understanding of, local business conditions. They have mentored hundreds of businesses for years and can most likely help you as well.

Get to know more about where we help you

Growth and development

Growth and development are essential for a healthy business but also for a healthy business community in Thy. We consult with you on potential business ideas and new resources and guide you to new initiatives that can grow your business. We also guide you on how you can apply for funding through growth programmes at Erhvervshus Nordjylland, among others.


Network and collaborate

At Thy Business Forum, we know the local business community from the inside. Therefore, we can help create ties and match businesses if we see an obvious opportunity for a collaboration or network. We put you in touch with relevant professionals and introduce you to networks or people who can help with the challenges and opportunities you face.

Through Netværk Nordvest, we also help you become part of relevant networks or establish new necessary networks that you can benefit from. Read more about networks at Netværk Nordvest.


Your representative with Thisted Municipality

Thy Business Forum is an independent member organisation and thereby an independent link between the business community and the municipality. So you can always talk to us in confidence, and if you need to get in touch with the municipality, we will assist you. We have a strong collaboration with the municipality in which we act as a representative of the Thy business community.


Do you dream of starting a business in Thy?

Thy Business Forum helps businesses located in Thisted Municipality. But we also help those outside the municipality who dream of starting a business here. When you come from outside the municipality, you will probably need information about who to contact, who can help you and how procedures work in Thisted Municipality. We can help you with that.

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